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the hero, the villain, the salesman, the parent, a sidekick and a servant sfu teck gallery

take the easy way (video) mkg127

chair design for blue dot

i sent you vancouver

perpetual sunset (video) vancouver

as part of toolkit mkg127

office make over asian pacific foundation

nothing happens in good weather (video) vancouver

feeling so much yet doing so little (fb) (video) western front

light bar hoorn nl

there is no romance in taking a risk (star) mkg127

ic_chilliwack internatinal chilliwack biennial

bright light: light bar (fb) vancouver

astronomical frontiers copenhagen

sum up disco fallout shelter subvision. kunst. festival

solyst artist in residence centre, jyderup

disco fallout shelter toronto sculpture garden

how soon is now vancouver art gallery

assume nothing: new social practice art gallery of greater victoria

a bright future 88 BLOCKS*art on main

say nothing in bright colours MKG127

say nothing in bright colours school for non-productive learning, rum46 aarhus

kuenstlerhaeuser worpswede

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one is never enough or gallery

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spring sale paul petro msw

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what do we do when we can't be 2gether 69 pender

instant coffee: bass bed san juan poly/graphic triennial

sorry, we're open / the way we work southern exposure

connect the dots leroy neiman gallery

2004.09.04 1-4pm
*candy factory and instant coffee

make-out party: second-base

soundtracks mackenzie art gallery

stencils just seemed like the right thing to do art metropole

mellow drama kmart

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instant MAKE OUT party

Bienal de La Habana

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UDT 2.0 CAFKA Contemporary Art Forum

U-TOPOS / UDT 2.0 Tirana Biennale 2

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january show zsa zsa

2002.12.15 TO
instant coffee: caffeine screens

until 2002.11
the t-shirt show

instant coffee: on a stick
concept album: mexican pop videos screening
helen pitt, vancouver

TEKKO 02 mural.exhibition

photo show UDT.01

pleasure dome presents concept album: mexican pop videos

UDC + friends garesh galleria, mexico city

another slide show + tshirt show launch

instant coffee UDT SAW, ottawa

oasis : soft show in the UDT SBCA montreal

sometimes, nothing much la panaderia mexico city


the waiting room the physics room NZ


being + nothingness

instant coffee UDT + everyone the AGO
. 6 Dec 2000
logo show
. 13 Jan 2001
miniature show
. 18 Feb 2001
video show

instant coffee currency project poster launch

slide show

whorehouse opening party + show

2000.07.27 9pm screening
why do bad things happen to good people?

2000.07.27 9pm screening
first or the worst

Instant Coffee Light Bar
as part of Bright Light

Feb 12 - Mar 20, 2010
opening hours, Wednesday to Saturday, 7pm ? 12 am, and for special events, through March 20
33 West Cordova, Vancouver

The artist collective Instant Coffee presents Light Bar, a full-spectrum light bar installation and venue for light therapy, light lectures, light shows, light reading and light rock. Instant Coffee Light Bar is an ongoing art project that investigates the potential and power of light. The artists come to this idea through necessity. Living in a place such as Vancouver, Canada, where the rain can seem endless, the negative effects of the lack of sunlight on individual psyches and the large social milieu feels at times paramount. The use of light as a therapy or as a remedy for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is commonly and affectively used by individuals, but for Light Bar Instant Coffee puts it to the test in small or large group situations.

Select Schedule of Events:

Friday, February 12: Opening night celebration with the premier performance of CHRISTINE, a Vancouver synth pop band with Julian Paul Carnrite and Kevin Ron Schmidt. Christine uses computers to make their music and likes it when you dance. With guest djs Natalie Purschwitz and Jeremy Mendes, performance at 11pm

Saturday, February 13: Slide Show: Aaron Carpenter, Christine D'Onofrio, Owen Kydd, Shannon Oksanen, Alex Pensato, Philippe Pasquier, Judy Radul, Sylvain Sailly and Sydney Vermont. Instant Coffee invites ten artists to show slides of their work or as work; old school analogue or not; vacation pics may be included. With guest djs Rodney Graham and Jeremy Shaw.

Thursday, February 18: Light Lecture: RAYMOND W. LAM, MD, Professor of Psychiatry at UBC and Director of the Mood Disorders Centre at UBC Hospital, lectures on light, its relationship to SAD and Non-SAD Conditions http://www.UBCsad.ca, 8pm followed by an Instant Coffee light show.

Friday, February 19: Book Launch: "Lateral Learning" by Vantage Art Projects, an exhibition-in-print project Vol.1 guest curated by Paul Butler with essays by Dr. Jeanne Randolph and Mark Clintberg, http://www.vantageartprojects.com, 8pm.

Saturday, February 20: Rooftop Special: hosted by LUCAS GRANITO, DANIEL HELLMANN AND KELVIN BEAUDETTE. Inspired by the sunny daytime parties at WMC in Miami, Sonar in Spain Picnik Electronique in Montreal and their events last summer, Rooftop Special aims to recreate a place like summer in the Light Bar. To complement the space they will be playing classic Chicago house and lots of modern dance music. http://www.rooftopspecial.com.

This week's dj's: Wednesday: Mittens and Gloves; Thursday: Peter Gazendam; Friday: Jenifer Papararo and Natalie Purschwitz, and Andrew Andrew.

Saturday, February 27: Karaoke and Authenticity: Seattle curator ERIC FREDERICKSEN will host a night of karaoke interwoven with an illustrated lecture. Malcolm McLaren recently wrote, "Today there are two words that sum up the culture: 'authenticity' is one, and the other ... 'karaoke'! With Vancouver's karaoke experts, Weekend Leisure. Lecture at 9pm

Wednesday, March 03: House dj: FLOURENT: DETROIT TECHNO

Thursday, March 04: A neuroscientist, a visual artist, and a poet will collaborate on a live performance around brain imaging science by blurring lecture, information visualization, and social media. Neuroscientist NADIA SCOTT will be elaborating from research data about the scientific process, cast-off theories, and discarded ideas. We will also showcase documents that have been relegated to research lab recycling bins. Drawing from Nadia's lecture, visual artist EMILIANO SEPULVEDA will be illustrating this presentation with intricate diagrams and participatory doodling on an onstage blackboard. He may also mastermind a slideshow. Poet RAY HSU will serve as note-taker, recreating these notes by tweeting as an audience member. These notes will be projected through a screen facing outside so that innocent bystanders will be kept in the loop. He will invite audience members and bystanders alike to create hashtags in order to participate in the note-taking. House dj: Peter Gazendam

Friday, March 06: House dj: Steve Murray. Guest bartender: David Wyse

Saturday, March 07: House dj: ANDREW ANDREW ANDREW

Monday, March 8: Light Compositions: DIDIER PETIT (cello), VIVIANE HOULE (voice) and STEFAN SMULOVITZ (viola & laptop) come together for a rare performance hosted by TOM CONE, 9pm
At the 2009 Vancouver International Jazz Festival, BC musicians Viviane Houle (voice) and Stefan Smulovitz (viola and laptop) were invited to play with two playful and virtuosic French musicians, cellist Didier Petit and clarinetist Sylvain Kassap. Sparks flew on the stage when these four like minded musicians performed together for the first time. It was a spontaneous meeting that demanded to be heard again. Didier is back and this is a show not to be missed. In addition there will be computer controlled LED lights that will interact with the musicians. Didier Petit - cello (France) For 25 years Didier Petit has been looking at and listening inquisitively to the sound(s) of our environment. With his cello, revealed here as an extremely complete instrument of many unsuspected facets, he offers unusual music reflecting the world, our world.
(http://www.myspace.com/didiersmall) Viviane Houle - voice (Roberts Creek, BC) Viviane Houle is a vocalist, improviser and songwriter who defies categorization. Her versatility allows for performances that range from concerts with electronics to grand opera through to collaborations with Canada's finest improvisers, dancers, filmmakers and theatre artists. Recently she has released a critically acclaimed improvisation CD of duos on Drip-Audio that has made top ten jazz lists of 2009.
(http://vivianehoule.ca/) Stefan Smulovitz - viola & laptop (Roberts Creek, BC) Stefan Smulovitz is a highly accomplished musician and an award-winning composer. As a software developer he created Kenaxis, a major innovation in the use of the computer as a real-time instrument. His virtuosic command of Kenaxis has resulted in an international reputation for Smulovitz, who regularly performs with the world?s leading improvisers and composes for ensembles ranging from orchestras to string quartets. (http://www.kenaxis.com/)

Friday, March 12: Woo Magazine launch.

Saturday, March 13: Van Bands: KICK EVRYTHING and CALL THE CITY play loud, 10pm

Wednesday, March 17: Slickerslacker is Fiona Bowie and Jim Peers (guitar, vox, knobs and tubes, buttons, various utensils and sliders), 10pm

Thursday, March 18: Danish Artist Ditte Lyngker Pedersen will host a screening event based on her video works and give a short presentation on the artists-run exhibition space rum46 in Århus, Denmark, 8pm

Friday, March 19: CAM DALES of the ice cream social playing 50's and 60's hits. House dj's: Gentle Cousins, Peter Gazendam, LazerBombs, Mittens and Gloves, Jeremy Mendes, Stephen Murray, Jenifer Papararo, and Natalie Purshwitz. Guest bartenders: Vivian Bessette, Marianne Bos, Tom Cone, Owen Kydd, Philippe Pasquier, Judy Radul, Kathleen Ritter, Tiny Josh Schmidt, Stuart Sproule and Ron Tran...

As part of Bright Light a collaborative project that brings together fourteen arts organizations from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Bright Light is commissioned by the City of Vancouver through its Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program. www.bright-light.ca

Media Contact: Gwen Kallio

Instant Coffee is a service oriented artist collective based in Toronto and Vancouver. They began their light research in Bergen, Norway in collaboration with Flaggfabrikken, opening the Light Bar for two nights of events and therapy. They continued their research over a three-month residency at Kuenstlerhaeuser, Worpswede, Germany then returned to Vancouver to open the Light Bar Bus Shelter, as part of A Bright Future, a four part public commission for 88 BLOCKS*Art on Main for which they adapted the Main and West 20th bus shelter into a full spectrum light therapy bar. In working with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Instant Coffee opened the Light Bar, a functioning bar and venue from January 30th to May 24th, 2009. Instant Coffee's most consistent members are Cecilia Berkovic, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Lycan, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, and Khan Lee.

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