ic: the full CV

ic : shows

the hero, the villain, the salesman, the parent, a sidekick and a servant sfu teck gallery

take the easy way (video) mkg127

chair design for blue dot

i sent you vancouver

perpetual sunset (video) vancouver

as part of toolkit mkg127

office make over asian pacific foundation

nothing happens in good weather (video) vancouver

feeling so much yet doing so little (fb) (video) western front

light bar hoorn nl

there is no romance in taking a risk (star) mkg127

ic_chilliwack internatinal chilliwack biennial

bright light: light bar (fb) vancouver

astronomical frontiers copenhagen

sum up disco fallout shelter subvision. kunst. festival

solyst artist in residence centre, jyderup

disco fallout shelter toronto sculpture garden

how soon is now vancouver art gallery

assume nothing: new social practice art gallery of greater victoria

a bright future 88 BLOCKS*art on main

say nothing in bright colours MKG127

say nothing in bright colours school for non-productive learning, rum46 aarhus

kuenstlerhaeuser worpswede

light bar flaggfabrikken bergen

what we bring to the table oakville galleries

nooks mercer union

nooks henry at bumbershoot

pattern theory mkg127

common threads illingworth kerr

happy birthday & friendly greeting mkg127

common threads confederation centre

wish you were here york quay centre

encuentro internacional medellin columbia

romance series poster show art metropole

static wallpaper lobby gallery

dark hart hart house

rest stop carmada, l.a.

one is never enough or gallery

welcome to the limelight css bard

beautify york quay centre

perfect lobby gallery

peer pleasure 1 yerba buena center for the arts

spring sale paul petro msw

year of perfect days sparwasser, berlin

presentables hoffmann's house, santiago chile

what do we do when we can't be 2gether 69 pender

instant coffee: bass bed san juan poly/graphic triennial

sorry, we're open / the way we work southern exposure

connect the dots leroy neiman gallery

2004.09.04 1-4pm
*candy factory and instant coffee

make-out party: second-base

soundtracks mackenzie art gallery

stencils just seemed like the right thing to do art metropole

mellow drama kmart

xxx natural light window

instant MAKE OUT party

Bienal de La Habana

soundtracks the blackwood gallery

as a satellite for instant coffee the americas society

UDT 2.0 CAFKA Contemporary Art Forum

U-TOPOS / UDT 2.0 Tirana Biennale 2

psychotopes yyz artists' outlet

alchemy and mysticism #2 with hive magazine

buy-sellf : import / export Quartier Éphémère

soundtracks edmonton art gallery

Un© black lab gallery, seattle

front room off the map gallery, toronto

i've got an answer/i've got an anthem I.A.E. portland

january show zsa zsa

2002.12.15 TO
instant coffee: caffeine screens

until 2002.11
the t-shirt show

instant coffee: on a stick
concept album: mexican pop videos screening
helen pitt, vancouver

TEKKO 02 mural.exhibition

photo show UDT.01

pleasure dome presents concept album: mexican pop videos

UDC + friends garesh galleria, mexico city

another slide show + tshirt show launch

instant coffee UDT SAW, ottawa

oasis : soft show in the UDT SBCA montreal

sometimes, nothing much la panaderia mexico city


the waiting room the physics room NZ


being + nothingness

instant coffee UDT + everyone the AGO
. 6 Dec 2000
logo show
. 13 Jan 2001
miniature show
. 18 Feb 2001
video show

instant coffee currency project poster launch

slide show

whorehouse opening party + show

2000.07.27 9pm screening
why do bad things happen to good people?

2000.07.27 9pm screening
first or the worst

Instant Coffee Curriculum Vitae
For details, select from the list at left

2013.05.11-2014.04.27 the hero, the villain, the salesman, the parent, a sidekick and a servant SFU, Teck Gallery, Vancouver

2013.04-05.25 Take The Easy Way MKG127, Toronto

2013.02 Instant Coffee Chair for Blu Dot

2013.01.16-24 I Sent You Insant Coffee Studio, Vancouver

2012.09 Perpetual Sunset Public commission, Vancouver

2012.10.14 Good News #5 publication launch, Instant Coffee Studio, Vancouver

2012.08.09-09.08 Toolkit group show, MKG127, Toronto

2012.07.22 Instant Sewing performance, Instant Coffee Studio, Vancouver

2012.07 Instant Coffee Asian Pacific Foundation, Vancouver

2012.05 Instant Coffee Nothing Happens In Good Weather Public commission, South Hill, Vancouver

2012.03.10 Bild N Sound Goethe Satellite, Vancouver

2012.02.17-04-07 Instant Coffee Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little Western Front, Vancouver

2011.11-12 Instant Coffee Light Bar as part of Bright Light, Hoorn, The Netherlans

2011.01.08-02.05 There is no romance in taking a risk MKG127, Toronto

2010.07.28-29 Instant Coffee Chilliwack internatinal chilliwack biennial

2010.02 Instant Coffee Light Bar as part of Bright Light, Vancouver

2010.01.13-30 Instant Coffee Good News as part of Astronomical Frontiers, BSK GARAGE (forum) + Henningsen Contemporary (exhibition), Copenhagen

2009.08.26-09.06 Instant Coffee Disco Fallout Shelter, as part of Sum Up. curated by Sparwasser HQ also including Vinyl Terror & Horror, Detroit Tree and the Ykon World Game at Subvision.Kunst.Festival, Hamburg

2009.08-10 2009 Artist Residency, Instant Coffee at Solyst Artist in Residence Centre, Jyderup, Denmark

2009.05-09 Instant Coffee Disco Fallout Shelter, Toronto Sculpture Garden, Toronto

2009.02.07-05.03 How Soon is Now, Vancouver Art Gallery

2009.01.30-05.04 Instant Coffee Light Bar as part of Assume Nothing: New Social Practice, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

2009.01-04 A Bright Future by Instant Coffee; Instant Coffee Blanket Bus; Instant Coffee 500; Instant Coffee Light Shelter , As part of 88 BLOCKS*Art on Main, Translink, Vancouver

2008.10.18-11.15 Say Nothing In Bright Colours, MKG127, Toronto

2008.08.18-31 school for non-productive learning: Say Nothing In Bright Colours, rum46, Aarhus, Denmark

2008.05.15-08.15 Residency and Instant Coffee Workshop, Including Instant Coffee: Itty Bitty Blobs (2008.06.13, Bremen), Kunstlerhauser Worpswede, Worpswede, Germany

2008.04.03-04 Instant Coffee Light Bar, Workshop and Events, Flaggfabrikken/Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

2008.02.09-06.06 What We Bring to the Table: Patrick Faigenbaum, Bettina Hoffman, Laura Letinsky, Instant Coffee, curated by Marnie Fleming, Oakville Galleries, Oakville

2007.11.24-12.22 Pattern Theory, MKG127, Toronto

2007.11.22-2008.02.05 Common Thread, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

2007.09.14-10.20 Instant Coffee Nooks + Everyone, Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art, Toronto

2007.08.31-09.03 Instant Coffee Nooks: If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now. Henry Satellite, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle

2007.06.03-09.23 Common Thread, curated by Lee Plested, Confederation Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

2007.06.30-09.01 Happy Birthday & Friendly Greetings, MKG127, Toronto

2007.05.18-07.08 Wish You Were Here: Instant Coffee Disco Ball Diorama, York Quay Centre, Harbourfront, Toronto

2007.04.13-06 Instant Coffee: If you lived here you'd be home by now, As part of MDE07: Encuentro Internacional Medellin 07: Pr�cticas Artisticas Contempor�neas, curated by Jose Roca, Casa del Encuentro, Medellin, Colombia

2007.02.10-03-03 Romance Poster Launch by Instant Coffee, Art Metropole, Toronto

2006.12.15 Instant Coffee: Static Wallpaper. Lobby Gallery, Vancouver

2006.09.30-10.01 Dark Hart: Disko Sauna by Instant Coffee, Dark Pool by Fastwurms. Nuit Blanche, Hart House University of Toronto

2006.08.26 Instant Rest Stop, Carmada. Driving art modules, Los Angeles

2006.05.12-06.10 Instant Coffee: One is never enough, Or Gallery, Vancouver

2006.04 Beauty, Harbourfront Centre Case Studies, Toronto

2006.03.24-31 Instant Coffee: Perfect. Wrong Gallery Edition #125, Lobby Gallery, Vancouver

2006.01.13-03.26 Peer Pleasure I: Instant Coffee, Royal Art Lodge and Space 1076, Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, San Francisco

2005.12.29-2006.01.22 Instant Coffee: Spring Sale, Paul Petro Multiples, Toronto

2005.10.05-29 Instant Coffee: Year of Perfect Days, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

2005.09.17 Instant Coffee @MOCCA: Instant Coffee Consolidated: Crushing the UDT.02, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto

2005.07.22 Instant Coffee + Inter-mission: Appearances, as part of FUSE Events, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

2005.04 Instant Coffee: Presentables, Hoffmann's House, Santiago, Chile

2005.02.19-03.13 Instant Coffee: what do we do when we can't be 2gether, featuring film projections by Julie Saragosa and Amanda Christie, BASS Bed Competition by Inter-Mission a Vancouver based artist collective, Home Steading Project by Red76 a Portland based artist collective, lecture by Matt Steadler, artist interventions by Kelly Lycan, Andrew Pommier, Tiffany Monk, ie creative, Christian Kliegel and Slide Presentations/ Performances by Sally Lee, Peggy/Karen Ngan, Lucy Pullen, Judy Cheung, Corine Sworn, Jeff Tutts, Marisse Aguilar, Marina Roy, Ron Tran, Steven Tong, Jinhan Ko, 69 Pender, Vancouver

2005.01.26 Instant Coffee Book Launch: Success/Recovery, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

2004.12.04-2005.03 Instant Coffee: Bass Bed, San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2004.09.10-10.23 Instant Coffee: Sorry, We're Open, Southern Exposure, San Fransico

2004.09.10-10.23 Instant Coffee: Stencil Cutout Party, Connect the Dots, Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, NYC

2004.09 *Candy Factory: Instant Coffee, Double Set CD & Launch, Art Metropole, Toronto

2004.03 & 06 Instant Coffee: BASS BED @ Urban Disco Trailer, as part of Hive Magazine Launch, Toronto,

2004.06 Instant Coffee: Urban Disco Trailer's Outdoor Screening, curated by Laura Cowell as part of Splice This Super 8 Festival, Toronto

2004.03 Instant Coffee Make out Party: Second-Base, featuring work by Darren O'Donnell, Adrian Blackwell, Simone Moir, Emily Hogg, Laura Borealis. Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

2004.02 Soundtracks, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina

2003.11 Instant Coffee Make out Party, screening, dj's, and featuring work by Darren O�Donnell, Emily Hogg. Revival, Toronto

2003.10 Soundtracks, The Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga

2003.10.10-14 Instant Coffee in New York City, The America Society, New York
  • DAY 1 - Fri. Oct. 10 NIGHT: 7-10 p.m.
    Pony and Donkey Show and Tell
    , The Americas Society, 680 Park Ave.
    (Located at the Corner of 68th St. in the Upper East Side)
    Upper East Side Style Mansion performances. Love lost: 'Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore,' a narrative slide show by playwright and Novelist Darren O'Donnell (Canada); Bird Calls: 'Industrial History for Safety Gear for Small Animals,' a sensical lecture by artist Bill Burns (Canada); and Dress up: 'Tops and Bottoms,' a visual presentation by artist Karen Azoulay (Canada). Videos: 'Smaller and Easier to Handle' by Kristan Lucas (USA), 'Telepathacats' by Fastw�rms (Canada) and 'Free Dance Lesson' by Paige Graitland and Day Milman (Canada). Bullhorn: Jinhan Ko; Interlude: Michael Buckland (USA/Canada), and all the hits by Mary Kay Olsen. Dress code in effect. Prizes just because. Open bar, need we say more.
  • DAY 2 - Sat. Oct. 11 DAY: 12-7 p.m., Reception: 5-7 p.m.
    Stencils just seemed like the right thing to do

    Printed Matter, Inc., 535 West 22nd St.
    (Located between 10th and 11th Streets in Chelsea)
    During the day, Instant Coffee will open the Urban Disco Trailer (a retro-fitted, 1972 Holiday Cruiser) in front of Printed Matter, and display various artists' multiples they've commissioned and produced. With a cocktail reception in the evening, Printed Matter launches Artists' Stencils, Instant Coffee's latest multiple. Midi in/Midi out, a music cd by Instant Coffee, distills some of their favorite eighties pop-synth songs down to bare beats and underwhelms the evening.
    Participating Artists: Acamonchi (USA/Mexico), Michael Barker (Canada), Cecilia Berkovic (Canada), Michael Buckland (Canada), James Carl (Canada), Kelly Coats (Mexico/USA), Timothy Comeau (Canada), Dave Dyment (Canada), Fastw�rms (Canada), Jill Henderson (Canada), Instant Coffee (Canada), Luis Jacob (Canada), Jinhan Ko (Canada), Nestor Kruger (Canada), Colleen Langford (Canada), Kate Monro (Canada), Will Munro (Canada), Richard Moszka y Juan Pablo Garcia (Mexico/Canada/Spain), Jade Rude (Canada), Jon Sasaki (Canada), Kika Thorne (Canada), and Holly Ward (Canada).
    Artists' Stencils will be on exhibition and for sale at Printed Matter. It is a limited edition of two hundred, and includes works by 22 artists. This project was commissioned and produced by Instant Coffee on the occasion of AS A SATELLITE.
    Printed Matter, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1976 by artists and art workers with the mission to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists' books and other artists' publications. Printed Matter, Inc. is not affiliated with, nor a division of, any other non-profit organization. For more information: www.printedmatter.org
  • DAY 2 - Sat. Oct. 11 NIGHT: 8ish p.m.
    Crashing at S�bado Gigante

    apexart, 291 Church Street
    (Located between Walker and White Streets, Southof Canal St.)
    Tapping their audience. Instant Coffee and the Urban Disco Trailer crash the opening of TO BE POLITICAL IT HAS TO LOOK NICE, a group exhibition featuring artists and collectives of Latin America, curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra, at apexart and Art in General. For more information: www.apexart.org.
  • DAY 3 - Sun. Oct. 12 DAY & NIGHT: 3-8 p.m.
    Blood & Swash 3

    Parlour Projects, 214 Devoe St. #1
    (Located between Bushwick Ave. and Humboldt St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
    Blood & Swash 3 is a provisional multi-disciplinary tattoo parlor and drop-in center performance /installation project by Fastw�rms, featuring freehand felt-tip tattoos on skin or denim, a sample display of denim flash, DJ/VJ social exchange collaborations and House of Bast party dynamics. 'Get inked sharpie style by witches.' :ic:
    Formed in 1979 by Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse, Fastw�rms is the trademark and joint authorship of these Toronto and Creemore-based multidisciplinary artists whose art projects mind melds high and pop cultures, bent identity politics, social exchange performance, DIY positive cinematic sensibility. Fastw�rms representational politics are complex subversive; critical aesthetics inclusive with a bent towards Witch working class, event architecture collaborations, and queer alliance.
    Blood & Swash 3 also features artist Jill Henderson as Denim Witch 3. Jill is a Scots-Canadian whose output is a free-range stew of the comic, the crass, and the devalued poetic politics of the thinking girl.
    Established in 2000, Parlour Projects is a non-commercial space in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York) that organizes and presents artists' solo-exhibitions, giving particular attention to performative and interactive work. Its program has included exhibitions by Allora & Calzadilla, Anoka Faruqee, Forcefield, David Lamelas, and Alejandra Seeber, among other artists. Parlour Projects is programmed by Dean Daderko. For more information: www.parlourprojects.com.
  • DAY 4 - Mon. Oct. 13 DAY: 12-6 p.m.
    Alchemy & Mysticism no.2

    Momenta Art, 72 Berry Street
    (Located between N9 and N10 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
    A salon style painting show in the Urban Disco Trailer. In addition, a particular mix of things. See you on Berry Street. Participating Artists: Robin Arseneault, Temple Bates, Cecilia Berkovic, Amy Bowles, Jordan Broadworth, Crystal Bueckert, Ulysses Castellanos, Timothy Comeau, Ed Deary, Janis Demkiw, Fastw�rms, Eliza Griffiths, Eric Glavin, Anitra Hamilton, Kathleen Hearn, Jill Henderson, Jay Isaac, Michael Klein, Jinhan Ko, Germaine Koh, Mara Korkola, Colleen Langford, Derek Mainella, Kate Monro, Jade Rude, Rupen, Kathryn Ruppert, Jon Sasaki, Monica Tap, Christy Thompson, Lex Vaughn and Jay Wilson. All Canadian.
    Momenta Art is a not-for-profit, artist-run exhibition space. Its mission is to promote the work of emerging artists through exhibitions, newsletters, and most recently a new residency program. Momenta Art was founded in Philadelphia in 1986 and, since 1995, its exhibition space is located in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York). For more information: www.momentaart.org.
  • DAY 4 - Mon. Oct. 13 NIGHT: 7:30 p.m.
    Regular Mondays

    16Beaver, 16 Beaver, Room 5
    (Located in the Financial District, downtown New York)
    Craig Buckley in conversation with LTTR (Lesbians to the Rescue) and Instant Coffee.
    LTTR is a journal of art, queer theory, photo and music put together by Ginger Brooks Takahashi, K8 Hardy, and Emily Roysdon. They just released issue 2, and it's very good work. Craig Buckley is a young, Canadian independent curator and writer based in New York City.
    16Beaver is a space initiated and run by artists to create and maintain an ongoing platform for the presentation, production, and discussion of a variety of artistic, cultural, economic, and political projects. Since 1999, 16Beaver has organized Monday Nights, which include presentations, readings, discussions, screenings, and panels with and by artists, curators, thinkers, writers, and activists. For more information: www.16beavergroup.org.
  • DAY 5 - Tues. Oct. 14 DAY: 12-5 p.m.
    Sorry, We're Open

    Artists Alliance, Inc., 107 Suffolk Street, #411
    (The Parking Lot is located in the back of the building, on Norfolk St., in the Lower East Side)
    The Urban Disco Trailer as usual in the back parking lot. Open for social locations. Take away give aways. No surprises.
    Participating artists: Instant Coffee
    The Artists Alliance, Inc. (AAI) is a grass roots not-for-profit arts organization composed of artists from a broad spectrum of national backgrounds, working in a variety of media. AAI is dedicated to promoting discussion and awareness of the visual arts, sharing information with the public, promoting interaction with local communities, and providing forums for artists. For more information: www.artistsai.org.
  • DAY 5 - Tues. Oct. 14 NIGHT: 7-8:30 p.m.
    Alchemy & Mysticism #no.1

    Participant, Inc., 95 Rivington St.
    (Located between Ludlow and Orchard Streets in the Lower East Side)
    A screening of music-based videos, turning basements into gold. Participants: Meesoo Lee with The Radio (Canada), Scott Russell (Canada), Galia Eibenschutz + Alexis Zabe (Mexico), Txema (Mexico), Pedro 'zulu' Gonzalez (Mexico), Peaches by Lisa Kannako (Canada), Silverio by Miguel Calderon (Mexico), Jinhan Ko (Canada), Tony Romano & Shayne Ehman with the Grassy Knowles (Canada), Jon Sasaki (Canada), Paige Stain (Canada), Jordan Sonenberg with the Evil Plans (Canada), Hidden Cameras by Laura Cowell (Canada), Chris Mills (Canada), and Greg Hefford (Canada), plus a special screening by LTTR (USA) and Matthias Fritsch (Germany). Alchemy & Mysticism no.1 is a limited edition DVD video compilation produced by Instant Coffee with the financial assistance of The Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada.
    Participant, Inc. is a not-for-profit alternative art space on the Lower East Side - a laboratory for exhibitions, screenings, performances, publications and educational programs that reflect the cultural moment and encourage artistic experimentation. For more information: google it.
2003.09.12-10.25 2nd.Tirana Biennial, Tirana, Albania

2003.09 CAFKA.03 [probingintothedistance], Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener & Area, Kitchener, ON.

2003.09.03-10.18 Psychotopes, YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto
A group show curated by Markus Muller (Germany) featuring: Germaine Koh, Corinne Carlson, Bill Burns, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Andrew Reyes, Olia Mishchenko & Steve Kado, Instant Coffee, Lisa Kannakko, Corwyn Lund, Jay Wilson, Robin Collyer, Day Milman & Paige Gratland (Free Dance Lessons), Scott Lyall, Rose Kallal, John Massey, Derek Sullivan

2003.08.23 Alchemy & Mysticism # 2: The Instant Coffee Painting Show A salon style painting show in the Urban Disco Trailer, Toronto. Participating Artists: Robin Arseneault, Temple Bates, Cecilia Berkovic, Amy Bowles, Jordan Broadworth, Crystal Bueckert, Ulysses Castellanos, Timothy Comeau, Cynthia Devore, Janis Demkiw, Fastw�rms, Eliza Griffiths, Eric Glavin, Anitra Hamilton, Kathleen Hearn, Jill Henderson, Jay Isaac, Nathan James, Michael Klein, Jinhan Ko, Germaine Koh, Mara Korkola, Colleen Langford, Derek Mainella, Kate Monro, Caroline Mosby, Fedora Romita, Jade Rude, Rupen, Kathryn Ruppert, Jon Sasaki, Monica Tap, Christy Thompson, Lex Vaughn and Jay Wilson

2003.7-8 Buy - Sellf, Quartier Ephemere, Montreal

2003.06.28-09.14 Soundtracks, a traveling exhibition curated by Barbarba Fischer and Catherine Crowston. Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton

2003.06.20-22 Urban Disco Trailer: Tireless DJ, as part of Splice This Super 8 Festival, Toronto

2003.06.2-30 Un(c), curated by Joon Miette. Black Lab, Seattle

2003.05.31 Guts and Glory, the urban disco trailer 3.0 revamped by Seth Scriver and Erin Zimerman, in conjunction with HIVE magazine, LUFT/method space, Toronto

2003.04.15-19 Mediatheque, as part of SOURCE in conjunction with the 16th annual IMAGES Festival, Toronto

2003.04.2-30 Front Room, a group show curated by Rupen including work by Instant Coffee, Lucia del'Amour and Stephen Schmuhl. Off the Map Gallery, Toronto

2003.03.13-15 The I.A.E. (International Arts Group Expo) an exhibition organized by Red76 including work by N55, Temporary Services (Binder Archives), free103point9, Deaf Leopard, Red76 arts group, Instant Coffee, Eveleigh and Evans, Jane Palmer/Marianne Fairbanks (Personal Power), Collective Jyrk, Beige, Ausgang, Konstakuten, love and devotion, Basekamp New Beginnings, Forcefield, It Can Change. Portland, Oregon.

2003.01.2-15 Instant Coffee: January Show, premiering UDC and other Instant Coffee products + a slide show by artists: Luis Jacob, Karen Azoulay, Scott Berry, Robin Stanbridge, SB Edwards, John Marriott, Jo Cook, Tiff Izsa, Jill Henderson, Marco Bortolussi, Igor Santino, Florentine Perro, Paulette Phillips, Elizabeth Fearon, Greg Hefford, Janet Bellotto, Shari Hatt, Isabelle Devos, Jade Rude, Michael Green, the IC Crew. Zsa Zsa, Toronto

2002.12 Caffeine Screens: The Instant Coffee Screensaver Show. Launch of a cdrom of 40 artist projects by 34 artists (see below for list of artists). Ontario College of Art And Design, Toronto

2002.10-11 Instant Coffee: On a Stick featuring Instant Coffee Products + Launch of Caffeine Screens: screensavers by screensavers by artists: Shinobu Akimoto, Cecilia Berkovic, Marco Bortolussi, James Carl, Timothy Comeau, Rza Davis, Ed Deary, Janis Demkiw, Natalie De Vito, Andrew di Rosa, Dave Dyment, Karen Eull, Matthew Evans/ Maurycy Gomulicki, Adad Hannah, Katherine Harvey, Tom Texas Holmes, Jin's banana house, Michelle Kasprzak, Michael Klein, Frances Limfat, Anna Malkin, Kelly Mark, Sally Mckay, Renato Ornelas, Prize budget boys, Mitch Robertson, Kathryn Ruppert, Jon Sasaki, Spencer Saunders, Carl Stevenson, Typotherapy, Kartz Ucci, Javier Velasquez, Barb Webb, plus re-screening of Concept Album; Mexican Pop Videos a curated programme Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

2002.07-08 TEKKO 02 An exhibition of 7 wall murals designed by 7 national and international renowned designers and design firms curated by Stephen Crowhurst and sponsored by Instant Coffee @ MOCCA, Toronto (July - August 2002).

2002.06 Re-launch of T-Shirt Catalog, intervention at The Power Plant, Toronto during the opening of their 2002 Summer exhibitions, Bounce and In Through the Out Door

2002.06 Splice This! + Instant Coffee + The Urban Disco Trailer presenting outdoor super 8 film projection: Friendly Fire, Splice This!, Toronto

2002.06 Instant Coffee + The Urban Disco Trailer presents REHAB Instant Coffee Video Collection Screening, REHAB, Toronto

2002.05.31-06.2 The Photo Show @ the Urban Disco Trailer: in the parking lot behind 101 Niagara St, Toronto

2002.04.20 The Urban Disco Trailer, Instant_Coffee presents - Outdoor Video Screening for IMAGES film/video festival @ Steamwhistle Brewery, Toronto

2002.04 Concept Album: Mexican Pop Videos curated by Instant_Coffee presented by Pleasure Dome featuring the work of Gabriel Acevedo (GAP), Andrea Ferreira, Ximena Cuevas, Miguel Calderon, Yoshua Okon, Galia Eibenschutz, Alexis Zabe, Ilian Gonz�lez, Pedro "Zulu" Gonz�lez, Sylvia Gruner, Renato Ornelas, Xavier Rodriguez Cinecycle, Toronto

2002.04.15 UDC and Friends an Instant Coffee Project featuring media work of over 40 Mexican and Canadian Artists, Galeria Garash, Mexico City

2001.12 A-Level Anniversary Show, curated by Lucia del'Amour A-Level Gallery, Toronto

2001.11.14 Slides and T-Shirt Catalog Launch including the work of over 50 national artists, Art Gallery of Ontario. The Slide Show including work by Jay Wilson, Gwen MacGregor, Celeste Toogood, Jennifer McDonald, Jubal Brown, Lisa Deanne Smith, Jinhan Ko, Nicole Bauberger, Luis Jacob, Jon Sasaki, Alexander Nagel, John Marriott, Adrian Blackwell, Lucia De L'Armor, Kika Thorne, Chandra Bulucon, Dave Dyment, Kate Monro, Karen Azoulay, Paul P., Ingrid Z, Laurel Woodcock, Laura Borealis, Matthew Evans, Michelle Kasprzak, Si Si Penaloza, Timothy Comeau, Tony Romano. The T-shirt Show including work by 1000km Design B�ro, Andrew McLaren, Andrew Reilly, Cecilia Berkovic + Kate Monro, Celeste Toogood, Chantal Rousseau, Chris Martin, drivedrive com, Greg Hefford, Greg Staats, Holly Ward, Instant Coffee, James Carl, Janis Demkiw, Jess Rowland, Jessica Thompson, Jinhan Ko, Jon Sasaki, Jordan Sonenberg, Kika Thorne, Laura Borealis, Lisa Deanne Smith, Lisa Kannakko, Lisa Klapstock, Marco Bortolussi, Michael Klein, Natalie De Vito, Nicole Bauberger, Peter Kingstone, Sasha Havlick, Simone Moir, Timothy Comeau, Tullis Rose.

2001.09 Instant Coffee, Jin's Banana House and UDT, part of performance conference, SAW Gallery, Ottawa

2001.09 Year 01: Pixel Plunder + the Urban Disco Trailer; Web-launch @ Workplace, Toronto

2001.07 The Soft Show and The Urban Disco Trailer as part of a larger group show, Oasis curated by Sylive Gilbert, Nelson Hendricks and Francios Dion. The Soft Show featuring the work of Janet Bellotto, Diane Borsato, Lisa Brown, Chandra Bulucon, Kelly Coats, Daniel Cockburn, Galia Eibenschutz, freshdiscoporkergas, Charles Gagnon, Massimo Guerrera, Angela Hajdu, James Harbison, Shari Hatt, Peter Hobbs, Pandora Hobby, HumanFauxPas, kake, Jinhan Ko, Valerie Lamontagne, Corrine Lemieux, Elizabeth Lemoine, Kelly Lynn, Kate Monro, Richard Moszka, Taien Ng, Natalie Olanick, Jenifer Papararo, Dianne Pearce, Ana Rewakowicz, Kathleen Sellars, Vida Simon, Lisa Deanne Smith, Lyllie Sue, Txema, Samuel Roy-Bois, Jennifer Wile. Liane and Danny Taran Gallery in the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal

2001.06 Instant Salon An informal screening of Mexico City video artists. Centro De la Imagen, Mexico City

2001.05 Overtime @ Workplace A group show featuring: 1000km design buro, Amanada Burk, Andrew Duff, Andrew Harwood, Andrew Kear, Andrew Pommier, Anette Larsson, Anonymous, Catherine Osborne, Cecilia Berkovic and Kate Monro, Chantal Rousseau, Clint Roenisch, Corinna Dahlin Rigores, Cory Lund, Dan Sadler, Dave Dyment, David Liss, Derek Sullivan, Dionne McAffee, Donna Brunsdale, Evan Brooker, Garner Quain, Gene Threndyle, Glenn Toddun, Gordon Hicks, Greg Staats, Gwen McGregor, Ingrid Chu, Janis Demkiw, Jay Wilson, Jenifer Papararo and Jinhan Ko, Jeremy Caulfield, John Chung, John McLachlin, Jordan Broadworth, Jordan Sonnenberg, Julie Voyce, Kartz Ucci, Katharine Mulherin, Kathleen McLean, Kelly O'Brien, Kika Thorne, Ramo�a+Co. (Laurie Petrou and Ann Marie Pe�a), Lewis Nicholson, Lisa Deanne Smith, Lisa Kannakko, Lisa Kannakko with Taylor Savvy, Luke Canning, Marc Bijl, Mark Beldan, Matt Wearn, Michela Repele, Miss Barbara Fisch, Myfanwy Ashmore, Natalie De Vito, Padrin Kwok, Peter Kingstone, R.M. Vaughan, Rebecca Gainforth, Scott McEwen, Sean Fletcher, Shelley Ouellet, Si Si Penaloza, Simone Moir, Steve Reinke, Susie MacKay, Tara Winterhalt, The Thought Police, Timothy Comeau, Tony "Ratboy" Walsh, Yitzi Greenwald (Boychik)

2001.04 Cock Rock exhibition featuring visual work and music by Andrew Scott, Laura Borealis and Rick White. An Instant Coffee Project @Workplace, Toronto

2001.03 waiting room video program featuring the work by Jin's Banana House curated by Instant Coffee and Emma Budgen. The Physics Room, Christchruch, New Zealand (March 2001).

2001.03 TEKKO 01 An evening exhibition of 7 designers and 14 posters on the non client-based thematic, "instant coffee" curated by Stephen Crowhurst. An Instant Coffee Project @Workplace, Toronto (April 2001). Work by Buro Destruct (Switzerland), The Test Pilot Collective (US), Skilla (Canada), 1000km design b�ro (Canada), Planet Pixel (Germany), Hauswork (Canada), Dumb-Unit (Canada).

2001.02.9-03.16 Being and Nothingness featuring the work of Holly Ward, Fergal Stapleton and SiSi Penaloza curated by Rosemary Heather. An Instant Coffee Project @Workplace, Toronto

2000.12-2001.03 Instant Coffee: Urban Disco Trailer + Everyone, exhibition in the Present Tense Room at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
  • The Logo Show featuring work by James Carl, John McLachlin, Lewis Nicholson, Andrew Di Rosa/SMALL, 1000km Design B�ro * Cecilia Berkovic, Eric Glavin, Fastw�rms, Greg Hefford, Jay Wilson, Jennifer Murphy/Chris Rogers, John Marriot, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, Lois Andison, Luis Jacob, Michael Buckland, Michelle Gay, Nestor Kruger, Sally MacKay, Jubal Brown, Michael Barker, Si Si Penaloza, Troy Ouellette, Jin's Banana House.
  • The Video Show featuring works by Shary Boyle, Kika Thorne, Jinhan Ko, Sandy Plotnikoff, Danny Bowden, Chris Murphy, Amanda Burt, Enzo Mazzulla, Michelle Kasprzak, Jennifer McMackonnon, Travis Gledhill, Laura Cowell, Si Si Penaloza, Jenifer Papararo, Milosh Rodic, Peaches, Lisa Kannako, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Guntar Kravis, Cecilia Berkovic, Simone Moire, David Clark.
  • The Miniature Show Temple Bates, Mark Crofton Bell, Laura Borealis, Amy Bowles, Lisa Brown, Chandra Bulucon, CoCo Chanel, Patrick DeCoste, Janis Demkiw, Terence Dick, Andrew Duff, Dave Dyment, Cliff Eyland, Jennifer Febbraro, Michael Fernandes, Ev Funes, David Grenier, Anitra Hamilton, Jill Henderson, Jay Isaac, Lisa Klapstock, Michael Klein, Jinhan Ko, Germaine Koh, Elizabeth LeMoine, Jennifer Marman, Casey McGlynn, Milosh Rodic, Kate Monro, Katherine Mulherin, Jenifer Papararo, Mitch Robertson, Lisa Deanne Smith, Jordan Sonnenberg, Derek Sullivan, Christy Thompson and Olexander Wlasenko and Jason van Horne.
2000.10.28 Currency Project. An extension of a bookwork that invited artists to redesign and rename the Canadian dollar. Using two currency designs (James Carl's Canada Cruller and Kelly Richardson's Canadian Sap) two posters were produced to place the designs in a false competition for the "new" Canadian Currency. The bilingual posters were posted throughout the cities of Montreal and Toronto (Fall 2000). 2000.10.21 Slide Show (an instancoffee.org production). An evening where 30 artists, curators and writers showed slides of their work or as a work. An Instant Coffee Project @ Workplace, Toronto (October, 2000). Work by Chantal Rousseau, Janis Demkiw, Sally McKay, Barr Gilmore, Xandra Eden, Elizabeth LeMoine, Germaine Koh, Ed Pien, Ingrid Chu, Chandra Bulucon, Greg Hefford, Si Si Penaloza, Stephen Crowhurst, Lisa Deanne Smith, Charles Gagnon, Lucia de L'Amour, Otiose, Robin Simpson, Jessica Thompson, Danny Bowden, pony da look, Johannes Zits, We're Not Talking, Catherine Osborne, Tom Folland, Luis Jacob, Jinhan Ko, Jordan Sonenberg, Dave Dyment, Jeannie Thib, Brent Roe, Rosemary Heather, Sandy Plotnikoff, Christy Thompson, Kika Thorne, Neil Wiernik, Kelly Palmer, Cecilia Burkovic, Kelly Mark, Phil Klygo, Christina Ritchie (a.k.a Erling T.V. Klingberg).

2000.08.18 Whorehouse, featuring work by James Carl, Jennifer Murphy and Chris Rogers, Lucy Pullen, Nestor Kruger, Jill and Christina Maynall. Workplace, Toronto (August, 2000).

2000.07.21 Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People, an evening of videos by over thirty Toronto-based artists El Convento Rico, Toronto (July 2000). Work by Michael Balser/Ed Sinclair, Karma Clark-Davis, Benjamin Nemerofsky Ramsay, Kelly Mark, Reid Diamond, Si Si P., Patrick de Coste, Lisa Kannakko, Peaches, R.M. Vaughan, Greg Hefford, Danny Bowden, Young Chul Sohn, Andy J. Paterson, Derek Sullivan, Dave Dyment/ Jordan Sonenberg, Peggy Ann Burton, Michelle Kasprazak, Alex Morris, Amy Wah Ambient Tapes: Michael Buckland, Kika Thorne/Barry Isenor, Kelly Richardson, Kelly Mark, Chris Rogers, David Dyment/Jordan Sonenberg, Jinhan Ko.

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