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ISSUE 22_JUNE 26 2004

Anna Somers Cocks's Argument A & B; Fahrenheit 9/11 A & B
Graphique D-day shower invite by Anonymous
International Coffees: Topic: Ronald Reagan postings found on "A Conservative News Forum" (Barf Alert!):
Mr. Brown: Political links ...
Tasters Choice: Cuban Coffee Recipe
Ten Ten: Messages from; The Economist, June 10;; Canadian Women against Stephen Harper
Sanka: The Who's Who Of Yodelers; Franke Boutique, Toronto

Instant Coffee turning bass beds into gold

ISSUE 21_MAY 9 2004

Features: C Magazine post-preview / The Shover / The Unseen: Supernatural Politics and the American Right by Aaron Brewer
Graphique Instant Coffee Trailer Trash by Jon Sasaki
International Coffees: Online Interview / Americas Society and Instant Coffee; See You in Court by Michelle Kasprzak
Mr. Brown: Coffee Science; Douglas Ord; Sparwasser HQ, Berlin; pacmanhattan; spitandducttape; Sex Advice From Taxi Drivers; kiddofspeed
Tasters Choice: Coffee enema
Ten Ten: Trampoline Hall, Monday 26 April 2004 at Rockit; ZeD online
Sanka: Week in Review May 2 to May 8, 2004 by Misha Glouberman (Pop up)

Feedback: your letters

Instant Coffee is lovin it

ISSUE 20_MAR 13 2004

Features: Mapping vs. Tracking by Michelle Kasprzak; Study Finds That Teenage Virginity Pledges Are Rarely Kept by Lawrence K. Altman
Graphique Trailer Jumping
International Coffees: Weird email knows no borders
Mr. Brown: Artists we know on Zed; RGBinvaders; Kasprzak & Mckay blogs; various submitted links
Tasters Choice: Irish Coffee
Ten Ten: Timothy's Good Reads Mailing List
Sanka: Week in Review sad poetic version 1; Captions to pictures in a soap opera magazine six years ago by Timothy Comeau
Feedback: your letters

Instant Coffee kissin and huggin and lovin

ISSUE 19_DEC 14 2003

Feature: Sarah Hollenberg on Utopia; FICTION | Markus Satelite (pt.1) by Ryan English
Graphique Instant Coffee Makeout Party
Graphique pretty animated gif from london uk
International Coffees: Nicolas Bourriaud: Notes from Cuba
by Jenifer Papararo; Kodak discontinuing slide projectors;
Mr. Brown: Paris Hilton Sex video;; PAMPHLET: A monthly discussion series; I am robot and proud; Why not?; rapping kid; I'm feeling lucky
Tasters Choice: SLIMMING Coffee Chicken
Ten Ten: Clubs by Nicholas Flood; The International Space Station and the newsworthiness of Rex Harrington
by Timothy Comeau
Sanka: Week in Review by Emily Hogg
Feedback: your letters

some sats seem like suns, Instant Coffee is lovin

ISSUE 18_SEPT 27 2003

Feature: LSD
Graphique by: Wendy Lu
Graphique by: Fernando Llanos
International Coffees: Nicholas Flood's New York Gossip ; Flash Mobs
Mr. Brown: IC video as part of YYZ's Pychotopes ; Exploring Toronto's subway tunnels ; ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Hard Coffee Soda
Ten Ten: submit
Sanka: Selections from Caroline Mosby's joke email list; Andrew Harwood's week in review from July ; Milena Placentile's Learned/Remembered ; Timothy's Unusual Week in Review
Feedback: your letters

instant coffee ryhmes with orange

ISSUE 17_JULY 26 2003

Feature: Art & Parasites by Florentine Perro; dot walk
Graphique by: Txema
International Coffees: The Daisy Cutter Moab Rebuttal
Mr. Brown: Art or Crap quiz ; Gordon Lightfoot's autograph ; real audio clips of some band ; an ebay auction ; text on stupid facists ; ;
Tasters Choice: Calorie reduced balony sandwich
Ten Ten: The Possessions
Sanka: Ulysses' Days
Feedback: Your letters

instant coffee: sexual conotations will make you money

ISSUE 16_JUNE 21 2003

Feature: Art world assholes; the upcoming black dot; the typewriter of the illiterate
Graphique A by: Dustyn Vallejo
Graphique B by: Anonymous
Mr. Brown: Mathew Barney vs. Donkey Kong ; Israel Forum ; Facts about Israel ; Facts about Palestine ; Facts about the Muppets ; ; General Idea in the Village Voice
Tasters Choice: A hangover remedy
Ten Ten: Conference in the Rockies by Cecilia Berkovic ; Before and After the I-Bomb by Dr. Brian Leigh Molyneaux
Sanka: Rosemary Heather's Week in Review
Feedback: Your letters

instant coffee bikinis and guns

ISSUE 15_MAY 3 2003

Feature: The First Day of War Contest Winner
Graphique A by: Ken Wong
Graphique B by: Anonymous
Graphique C by: Timothy Comeau
Graphique D by: Paul Wong
International Coffee: The 2th Anniversary of Spam
Mr. Brown: A week with Nikos Salingros on ; ;; Relational Aesthetics at MIT ; Immanuel Wallerstein's Commentaries ; ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Coffee Flavored Liqueur
Ten Ten: Call for subs
Sanka: Visitors to show's Timothy has sat ; Jin's attempts at interviewing Peaches, Xandra Eden's Week in Review ; Kate Monro's Week in Review from Ireland ; a letter with the subject line "piss'n and puken"
Feedback: Your letters

reading this will not expose you to SARS

ISSUE 14_MARCH 8 2003 | Interaction, or War

Feature: The Aesthetic Equation ; The Halifax Drawing Club ;
Tasman Richardson's The Kraken ; The First Day of War
Graphique by: Halifax Drawing Club
International Coffee: Report from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
Mr. Brown: ; William Gibson's blog ; Myfawny Ashmore's project ;
Jennifer McMackon's Thrill Rides ;
Tasters Choice: Instant Coffee Butterball cookies
Ten Ten: Serath's Wizards and Dragons
Sanka: Sarah Hollenberg's Letter of Appology ; something from John Barlow
Feedback: Your letters

instant coffee has a fist up your ass

ISSUE 13_FEBRUARY 1 2003 | Travel

Feature: Jon likes the Path ; An open letter to artists by Liz Wylie
Graphique by: Stephen Crowhurst Wool People
International Coffee: Trip update from Kate and Andrew
Mr. Brown: New York Times article in which Instant Coffee is mentioned ; Steph's ; Netocracy review ; Experimental Jetset ; ; Lisa Klapstock's new site
Tasters Choice: A pie
Ten Ten: Yorkville Toronto in Ten Minutes by Jenifer Papararo ; Caroline Mosby's Forwarded email by Timothy Comeau
Sanka: Week in review by Natalie de Vito; September 11th's Week in Review ; Jinhan's family rites
Feedback: Your letters

Trust us, Instant Coffee is about more than distraction

ISSUE 12_DECEMBER 21 2002 | Answers

Feature: Responses to Jin's submarine question ; Yam Lau's response to Jon Sasaki's review ; Jon's response to Yam's response ; Sobey's Art Award Ceremony by John Tupper
Graphique A by: RM Vaugn Life is Harsh
Graphique B by: Cecilia Berkovic
Graphique C by: txema Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics
International Coffee: Dow, Burson-Marsteller Clamp Down on Fake Websites, a contribution courtesy of RTMark's PR department
Mr. Brown: Fischerspooner ; Google's 2002 zeitgesit ; Genevieve Gauckler ; Boekie Woekie ; Two Blowhards ; 99 Bottles of Beer in 487 computer languages
Tasters Choice: Vietnamese Coffee
Ten Ten: Cheek review by JP ; New Sobey's in Ajax by Sobeys Club Member 8549376081
Sanka: Yeah Yeah Christams by Winnie Tennesse ; Movies Timothy saw in 2002
Feedback: Your letters

plus a christmas picture by Dustyn Vallejo

There is no "I" in Instant Coffee

ISSUE 11_NOVEMBER 30 2002 | Questions

Feature: Question:"how many submarine movies have you seen?" ; 2nd Annual First Day of Snow contest winner ; what does instant coffee eat for breakfast?
Graphique by: Jo Cook, "You're Cracked"
International Coffee: So were people this dumb before television?
Mr. Brown: Nescafe ; Los Logos ; Goodwater Gallery ; Advice Lounge ;
Deutsche Bank Art's magazine
Tasters Choice: Mexican Cream in Tortilla Cups
Ten Ten: Review of "Ken Park" by SB Edwards; Review of "Instant Coffee: On a Stick" by Florentine Perro ; Review of Yam Lau's home by Jon Sasaki ; Review of Shag by RM Vaughn
Sanka: Crystal Bueckert's Week in Review, "Bank Card vs Meal Card" ;
Questions JP was asked on Friday November 29th
Feedback: goodies from our readers and spamers

too much instant coffee can hurt your stomach

ISSUE 10_OCTOBER 22 2002

Feature: Second Annual First Day of Snow Contest ;
Some notes toward an essay about Chris Dorosz's eyelevelgallery show by Cliff Eyland
Graphique by: instant coffee "on a stick"
International Coffee: no one went to the art fair
Mr. Brown: ; ; ; ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Alaskan Chocalate Scrambled Eggs
Ten Ten: Review of the covers nominated for the Booker Prize
Sanka: A reply to "Honey I Shrunk the Art" ; Tastebud Requiem ; Timothy's Letters ;
Cecilia's Week in Review

instant coffee is a pearl

ISSUE 09_SEPTEMBER 14 2002 | summer review

Feature: Honey I Shrunk the Art by Liz Wiley;
Rza Davis interviews Timothy Comeau about his Joseph Beuys petition
Graphique A by: instant heavy metal coffee
Graphique B by: graphics by Fastwürm's and Jill Henderson
International Coffee: Platform 6 Unrealized openness ; Nicholas Flood's New York Gossip ; Lyndsey Cope's High School Grades
Mr. Brown: ; the portal at m/m paris ; the Media Deconstruction kit ; IMPAKT online ; ; The Aesthetics of Computation Group ; The History of
the Dr. Who theme ; Jaret Vadera's site
Tasters Choice: Super Instant Coffee Cocktail
Ten Ten: Review of the Pope's Mass
Sanka: Stuff you Probably Didn't Know and Were Better off for it ; MSN's propangada on "clearly legal options for getting your hands on comercial free music" ; Gwen MacGregor's Week in Review ; Letter to Timothy from Ed Deary ; a new word spelled Xoloitzcuintli ; celebrities Jon Sasaki has been mistaken for since the start of the Toronto International Film Festival; debut of icky coffee

instant coffee loves you too

ISSUE 08_JUNE 22 2002

Feature: Jacktion Painting: A Parable of Libidinal Expression by Terence Dick ;
Week in Rewind by Lucia de L'Amour
Graphique by: Timothy Comeau "The Book of Books
International Coffee: Lou Diamond Philips' Autograph
Mr. Brown:
Ethical Coffees ; mobydickonline, one word at a time ; Steph's TEKKO 02 mural exhibition ; ; ; Get Your War On ; Nova-Scotia TV ; an article on Japan as "the other superpower"
Tasters Choice: Instant Coffee Pudding
Ten Ten: Overview Review of Contempoary Art Theory and Practice by Kate Monro
Sanka: a collection of spook words by Stephen Crowhurst ; an offer to sell ; Dairy Queen's Week in Review ; My Lou Diamond Phillips Story

instant coffee loves lou too

ISSUE 07_MAY 11 2002

Feature: Louis Bak interviewed by John Barlow
Graphique by: Cartoon by Anonymous
International Coffee: Remote Lounge
Mr. Brown: instant coffee reading out loud ; Jenifer's AA Bronson interview ; Movie Enthusiasts' pages ; ;
Tasters Choice: Nescafe by Cynthia Jones
Ten Ten: An Empty Talk by the populist Mathew Collings by Jenifer Papararo ; Art Criticism as entertainment by Jinhan Ko ; CBC Radio 1 by Jenifer Papararo ; Interview Review by Timothy Comeau with Jon Sasaki and Sasha Havlik ; Review of Mathew Barney's Cremaster 1 and 4 by Timothy Comeau
Sanka: Artempresa's Horses for Raoul ; The Return of Sitestreet - call for submissions ;
Kate's week in review

instant coffe wants to film it's life and laugh at it later

ISSUE 06_APRIL 6 2002 | fashion

Feature: T-Shirt Show Online Catalog Launch ; New Software launches, fashion crimes ensue by Andrew Duff ; Fashion Does Not Exist by Leif Harmsen
Graphique by: Kate Monro
International Coffee: Moreno Ferrari's convertible clothes ;
A La Mode - Vogue's pathetic attempt at body-type diversity link
Mr. Brown: Like Sugar Cubes, Only Coffee ; Peaches got 4 stars in The Guardian ; Imitation of Christ links ; Coveralls link ; mullet links ; model art collective in the UK ; computer chip grafiti
Tasters Choice: Instant Coffee Toffee Fudge Cake
Ten Ten: Trudeau Biopic review by Timothy Comeau
Sanka: I like belt buckles and stuff by anonymous ; Patrick Decoste likes beer-bellies ; Timothy Comeau likes baseball caps ; week in review by 032c Workshop, Berlin

instant coffee + march break = workplace work

ISSUE 05_MARCH 2 2002 | gaming

Feature: A failed Attempt by Holly Ward ; The History of Video Games ;
Vegas Art Vacation by someone wonderful
Graphique by: a cartoon by Anonymous
International Coffee: UDC+everyone, Galeria Garash , Mexcio City ; Thank You@RT
Mr. Brown: Coffee Break Arcade Gaming site ; Art Education Games ; When too much play comes back to haunt you ; Pixel Plunder ; Internet Humour
Tasters Choice: Israeli Coffee Chicken
Ten Ten: Game Review - Lola and Mario's pretty game by Jenifer Papararo ; Lecture Review - Takashi Murakami at Harbourfront Centre by Timothy Comeau ; Canada vs USA Olympic Gold Medal Game by Timothy Comeau ; Spaces Gallery in Cleveland Ohio by John Drummet of Otiose
Sanka: 10 games with two sticks and a tape roll ; The Google Name Game ; Janis Demkiw's Week in Review

instant coffee is none too hot

ISSUE 04_JANUARY 26 2002 | gallery going

Feature: Excerpt from letters describing gallery going in Toronto ;
The Palais de Tokyo by Laura Borealis ; Bogata, Colombia: promo for El Parche
Graphique by: Instant Coffee with Pedro Mendez
International Coffee: Report from Helsinki, Finland ; report Matsumoto, Japan ;
report from Tapai, Taiwan
Mr. ; Nicolas Bouriaud links ;
Tasters Choice: Mocha-Nut Butterballs
Ten Ten: Art spaces and events in Toronto ; report from Peterborough
Sanka: Timothy's suggestions for band names or artist run centres ; Kate's suggestion
for a band name ; Jinhan's week in review ; Timothy's week in review

instant coffee + february break = mexican wedding


Feature: First Day of Snow Contest Winner ; Eroticising the Parasite ;
Graphique by: Stephen Crowhurst
International Coffee: Eric Zimmerman interviewed by Jennelle Porter
Mr. Brown: ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Instant Death Cocktail
Ten Ten: Gooze ; Lights On Lights Off Sucks and Ain't Afraid to Say So ;
Martin Creed wins Turner Prize ; Intestino Gruesso
Sanka: Dating Tips: a simple guide ; Stephen's Week in Review

instant coffee must do no matter what


Feature: First Day of Snow Contest Update ; WTO Attacks Website;
Jean Baudrillard - Dust Breeding
International Coffee: - The Return of the Media Hype
Mr. Brown: ; ; ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Instant Coffee Cocktail
Ten Ten: Pleasure Dome presents Pure Protein @ Vazaleen! ; Restaurant Review / Mammina's
Sanka: Email play by Sandy Plotnikoff and Janis Demkiw ; Found on the floor of the Go Train ;
The Urban Disco Trailer/instant coffee @ AGO 11.14.2001 ; Jenifer's Week in Review

instant coffee is a good friend

ISSUE 01_OCTOBER 20 2001

Feature: First Day of Snow Contest ; The Urban Disco Trailer/I.C. Residency
International Coffee: Neoconceptualists are everywhere, but who and what are they?
Mr. Brown: ; ; ;
Tasters Choice: Instant Cappucinon Mix ; Cafe Au Lait Mix
Ten Ten: Lecture Reviews by Timothy Comeau
(Aernout Mik and Harbourfront & Mark Kingwell's Aesthetics Class)
Sanka: Kate's Week in Review ; Timothy's Catch Phrases

Instant Coffee is no better than you

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